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The dog kennels consist of an individual indoor and outdoor run for each dog/family which are open to allow them free access during the day. Dogs are walked twice daily on their lead to allow us to excercise them and let them stretch their legs. At night, we close them in and depending on temperatures, there is heating both in the blocks and individually as required.

We try to keep your dog to the food that they enjoy at home. We have a wide selection of diets on offer but should your pet be on something different we would probably suggest that you bring in your own food. Special diets and medications are not usually a problem but please ask if you have any queries.

We insist that all boarders are fully vacinated and ask that you bring in their vaccination card at the time of booking in. Some familiar bedding and toys are often a good idea to bring to allow your dog to settle in quickly,please ask what would be suitable.

All dogs are covered by the kennels insurance policy whilst boarding, unless they have a pre-existing medical condition, so you can be reassured to know should anything happen or develop, they will be taken to the veterinary surgeons as soon as possible.